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Welcome to the PDL blog. In this space we talk about the wider (and wilder!) world of the private detective, whether that’s Private Detective London or cases from around the globe.

 We examine new legislation, look at changes in best practice and explore private detection industry facts, figures and breaking stories.

Just as we do with our investigations, we maintain a strict confidentiality about our clients and the cases we undertake, using only salient facts with details changed to conceal the identity and preserve the anonymity of those involved.

We do this for two reasons. First we’re proud of our record, whether we’re talking about the demanding activities of our Tracing Services, the painstaking fact-checking and data-gathering undertaken by Due Diligence or the complex and sensitive nature of the work undertaken by Matrimonial Investigation

Second, we know that anybody who’s seeking a private detective needs reassurance and confidence. Instead of making exaggerated claims about our work, which can’t be validated by potential clients, we’ve committed to:

  • keeping people informed about our work
  • sharing best practice about changing legislation
  • celebrating the work of our profession, internationally.

We believe this is the best way to demonstrate our consistent, ethical, focused approach to private investigation and to communicate our professional experience as a busy private detective agency at the forefront of work in the UK’s capital city.

is phone hacking legal?

Is Phone Hacking Legal?

At PDL, potential clients ask us very frequently – probably around twice per day – if wewill ‘hack’ a phone, meaning to illicitly and remotely

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Importance of encryption

The Importance of Encryption

At PDL, we spend a huge amount of time carefully considering cyber security and encryption. Good data encryption is always central to our working processes,

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Trusted private detective

Trusted Private Detectives

TRUST – A KEY ISSUE Trust is quite possibly the single biggest concern for our clients and potential clients. Quite understandably, before they agree to

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