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Trust is quite possibly the single biggest concern for our clients and potential clients. Quite understandably, before they agree to work with a private detective, they want to ascertain that that private detective is a trustworthy operative, working with honesty, transparency, diligence and a strong ethical code. Especially as very often the client’s need to hire a private detective may itself have arisen from an apparent breach of their. It is a sensitive issue – one we work extremely hard to overcome.


It can sometimes take a few weeks consultation for a client to feel comfortable and confident to instruct us, and this is often down to previous bad experiences with incompetent, untrustworthy or rogue private detectives.

The most uncertain clients often cite previous instances in which a detective they’ve instructed has unfortunately proven under-qualified or incompetent. This even stretches to detectives taking a client’s initial payment then ceasing communication, or taking payment then not actually completing the task in hand – for example, taking payment for a surveillance service, not undertaking the surveillance, and reporting no findings.

Experiences like these have naturally made the client more guarded in future dealings with private detectives, meaning we need to work to show how trustworthy they are. This includes demonstrating our strong, established background in the industry, as sadly there are unqualified operatives with little genuine experience.

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We’re wary also of conveying too negative a message about the state of the industry. This stems from our frustration with the industry, having many times faced the challenging (but rewarding) task of restoring the trust of a client whose trust has been damaged elsewhere.

Not all private detectives are rogues, of course, very far from it indeed. Certainly we pride ourselves on our transparency, honesty and ethics. We’d like to see an honest conversation about the trust issues in the industry and play our part in re-building essential trust in the profession.


The success we achieve for our clients speaks for itself in the number of referrals we receive from previous clients and other trusted sources.

Having had a referral from a trusted colleague, friend or associate, many of our clients begin working with us secure in the knowledge that we’re a thoroughly trustworthy, ethical company.

With all clients, any trust concerns are quickly eased as we begin to deliver clear results early on. Or even following an initial conversation, we do our utmost to provide the reassurances they need. Our trustworthiness is something on which we pride ourselves, and something that’s crucial to our ongoing successful working relationships.


The best way for us to allay any trust concerns you may have is to have a chat. To discuss how and why you can trust us, or anything else about our services, get in touch

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Table of Contents