Asset and vehicle tracking Services

Our robust GPS trackers, innovative software, and expert personnel mean we offer asset and vehicle tracking services of the highest quality, integrity and reliability.

We’re proud of our quality in-house equipment and specialist skills and the resulting full service we can provide to help private and corporate clients with their asset and vehicle tracking needs.

Legality and ethics are always our primary concerns and absolutely fundamental to all of our work. Your needs will be managed with integrity throughout

We provide services throughout the UK and internationally to corporate and private clients.

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Corporate Asset & Vehicle Tracking

Corporate investigations often rely on GPS vehicle tracking, in one of two main ways:

Vehicle Tracking For Asset Recovery:

GPS tracking can be instrumental in recovering your company’s assets. 

  • Track stolen assets – From cargo to farming equipment to high-value vehicles
  • Quick Response – Our fast reliable software alerts us the instant the asset is on the move, and its precise location.
  • Many Corporate Clients Helped – We’re experienced, proven specialists in discovering and recovering assets for cargo, farming and car companies.

Vehicle Tracking For Employee Behaviour Surveillance:

GPS vehicle tracking is invaluable in establishing the truth about employee behaviour while on the road. This kind of tracking is useful in observing and rectifying many things:

  • Illegal acts – Speeding and dangerous driving. If such behaviour is witnessed by the police, failure to identify the driver of a company vehicle can have legal repercussions for your business
  • Fraud – Personal use of company vehicles without permission, over-claiming for fuel expenses or claiming for hours not actually worked.
  • Reputation – Using company vehicles outside your company’s hours and/or acceptable usage guidelines.

GPS vehicle tracking is a cost-effective method of intelligence gathering and aiding covert surveillance. Vehicle tracking can provide the evidence to put your mind at rest, or to make changes in the best interests of all parties.

Private Asset & Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking plays an important role in both matrimonial investigations and private asset and vehicle protection.

Matrimonial Issues: 

Many of our clients require invaluable GPS evidence to aid their divorce negotiations. Hard evidence discovered through vehicle tracking can make matrimonial disputes less costly and time-consuming and help bring them to swift, fair conclusions. In many of our previous matrimonial cases, vehicle tracking has been vital in establishing the true behaviour of relatives and consequently building a robust case

Private Asset and Vehicle Protection:

We also provide an asset protection service to private individuals looking to protect their personal assets such as high-value vehicles.


The Highest Quality Asset & Vehicle Tracking

PDL is a leader in delivering this form of support across the UK, and internationally.
We’re proud to say that the quality of our GPS trackers, software and personnel enables us to meet our own exacting standards. We undertake tracking jobs confidently and reliably, and we get the results needed.

The exemplary quality of our asset and vehicle tracking service breaks down into 3 main areas:


1 – The unprecedented quality of our GPS tracking devices

Our experience was that the majority of trackers in use were not fit for purpose, from unresponsive suppliers, to units not fit for purpose, to substandard technology. 

So we undertook the detailed process of finding the best GPS trackers on the market, which we now source directly from the manufacturer, meaning we can monitor and regulate their quality, and be cost competitive to clients. Our trackers have the following qualities:

  • Robust – Durable and hard to damage
  • Magnetic – A simple design that clings to the vehicle and won’t fall off
  • Improved Battery Life – A huge cost saver, as often the real cost of these jobs is the repeated out-of-hours human involvement of multiple installations and un-installations.
  • Covert – Not hardwired. Criminals know where hardwired ones are and how to disconnect them
  • Regulated, Consistent Quality – Our direct relationship with the manufacturer means we have full control over the reliability and quality of the GPS trackers.

2 – The innovation and reliability of our in-house software

Our fantastic software is the other half of our technological tracking process. It is fast, reliable, innovative and accurate, and being our own developed software, we know it inside out. It is:

  • Fast – It triggers an alert as soon as the unit is on the move
  • Accurate – Pinpointing the exact location of the unit at any time
  • Reliable – The most reliable we’ve used to date
  • Developed in-house – Meaning any rare technical issues are comprehensively understood and resolved quickly and don’t rely on slow external support.

3 – The skill and expertise of our investigation personnel

Our investigation personnel are from a range of backgrounds, from police to military to legal. They use their unique specialist skills to work with the GPS trackers and tracking software to get the results needed.

  • Covert – We install and un-install the vehicle tracker un-detected
  • Analytical – We monitor the data and respond fast to any issues
  • Surveillance & Recovery – We visit the location the tracker has been moved to, monitor it and record the necessary data or recover the asset/vehicle
  • Safe – Ethical and legal practices undertaken at all times


Asset & Vehicle Tracking: A Full Bespoke Service

As with all our investigation services, our asset and vehicle tracking services are bespoke to the client’s needs.

After providing and covertly installing a GPS unit, we offer a full bespoke service meaning monitoring movements, extracting the data needed, analysing it for intelligence purposes, then consequently undertaking surveillance and/or recovery missions when the time is right. This is a fully managed service to take the worry and admin out of the equation for the client.

This monitoring and management side of tracking jobs can also be handed over to the client if preferred. We can give the client access to live software. Should we be needed further down the line, we are only a phone call away.

Our asset and vehicle tracking services are available throughout the UK and internationally. We travel, or instruct local investigators from our London HQ. 


Vehicle Tracking – Is It Legal?

At PDL, legality and ethics are always our first concerns. We have never and will never undertake any practice that is not legally and ethically sound. Our own due diligence is always of paramount importance.

There are tight, specific restrictions on what can be done legally in relation to vehicle tracking. These restrictions fall under the data protection act of 1998, in which we are expert and thoroughly well-versed.

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIP or RIPA) regulates the powers of public bodies to carry out surveillance and investigation, and covers the interception of communications.

We follow robust procedures to ensure the information we gather is so done in line with both of these acts. All information is properly obtained, meaning it also stands up, when necessary, in court.

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