Our Top 5 Fraud Prevention Tips

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fraud Prevention tips

Unfortunately, fraud is on the rise in the UK and worldwide. Fraudsters’ natural inclination to prey on our vulnerability has only been heightened by 2020’s unusual times, due to the increasing desperation of the fraudsters themselves. It’s easy to become isolated, or financially cornered – both things that can cloud our judgement and make us more susceptible to fraud and … Read More

The Importance Of Encryption

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The Importance Of Encryption

At PDL, we spend a huge amount of time carefully considering cyber security and encryption. Good data encryption is always central to our working processes, and key to the reassurances we can offer our clients – specifically relating to confidentiality, discretion, and data protection. Find out more below on what encryption is, why it’s important, what we recommend, and how … Read More

A Private Detective’s Data Security Advice

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What Questions Should I Ask A Private Detective

A very frequent question we receive from our corporate and individual clients who work with sensitive data is how to better protect and secure that data. This is evidently an issue that has become increasingly relevant in recent years, and looks likely to only continue to do so. We’re always happy to provide our clients with extensive and comprehensive advice … Read More

What Questions Should I Ask A Private Detective?

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What Questions Should I Ask A Private Detective?

Hiring a private detective is an important decision for all clients, whether corporate clients or private individuals. Getting it right is key to efficiency, trust, cost, and ultimately a successful outcome. It’s important to ask a private detective any questions you may have, to better understand their credentials and how they work, so that you have essential trust in them … Read More

Trusted Private Detectives

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Trusted private detective

TRUST – A KEY ISSUE Trust is quite possibly the single biggest concern for our clients and potential clients. Quite understandably, before they agree to work with a private detective, they want to ascertain that that private detective is a trustworthy operative, working with honesty, transparency, diligence and a strong ethical code. Especially as very often the client’s need to … Read More

The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann:
Rogue Investigators?

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Disappeared to Madeline McCann Private detectives

In my last post, on Netflix’s “Dirty John” I mentioned enjoying watching a film or TV series in my rare moments of downtime. When I’d finished the aforementioned series, Netflix pointed me in the direction of “The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann”. This documentary on the well-known, incredibly sad story greatly intrigued me, as someone in the investigation industry. Of course, … Read More

Netflix’s Dirty John: Does That Really Happen?!

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Dirty John

It’s not often, but when I do have some downtime, I like to watch a film or a TV series. Recently I discovered a series on Netflix called ‘Dirty John’. The name didn’t particularly capture my attention, but the preview video certainly did. One episode later, I was hooked and ended up for the first time, ‘binge-watching’ a series. Dirty … Read More

Are Private Investigators Regulated In The UK?

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Private Investigators Regulated? Ask the home office

We’re often asked about the regulation and licensing of private investigators in the UK. The short answer is that currently, a UK private investigator does not need to be licensed. Something with which we disagree, and take our own measures to ensure safe, ethical success for our clients and operatives. The Challenges Admittedly, private investigation is a complicated business to … Read More

Cheating partner or spouse? We will uncover the truth

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uncover the truth of a cheating partner

Cheating Partner? Matrimonial Investigation. One of the harshest truths someone may have to face up to is whether or not they’re with a cheating partner. The consequences of infidelity can be devastating. Most people will recognise that living with their doubts is not a viable option. Perhaps you’ve suspected that your partner is seeing someone else for some time. Has … Read More

Corporate fraud investigation is on the up: How you can take steps to protect your business and its assets.

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Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate fraud Investigation: Is your business doing enough about this growing problem? PDL investigates. One of the ironies of the information age we live in is that although on the surface we seem to know more about each other than ever before. The tricky part is knowing how much of it we can believe. We also live in a time … Read More