International Investigation Services

At PDL we provide international investigation services to both private individual and corporate clients worldwide.

We are London-based private detective agency proudly leading the way in the UK and internationally, with the highest-quality global investigation services available.

Our over 25 years’ experience, investment in state-of-the-art technology, and trusted partnerships in over 60 countries means we’re uniquely positioned to offer investigation services worldwide, with the flawless code of ethics, legality, and discretion for which we’re well known.

Whether you’re UK-based and require an investigation abroad, you’re based abroad requiring UK-based investigations, or your case spans multiple nations simultaneously, we have the experience and partnerships to safely, efficiently handle your case. 

We encourage you to read more below on our international investigation services, and please feel free to contact us to arrange a free appraisal.

International Investigation Experts

Our private detectives and trusted partners are leading experts in international investigations. 

Foreign and global matters can bring unique challenges relating to local jurisdictions, language barriers, travel, cultural awareness, and much more. But with backgrounds in policing, the military, civil service, and government, our private detectives are ideally-equipped to handle these challenges when managing your case.

At PDL we only work with the very best in the business – those who meet the standards we require to uphold our proud reputation. They must be legally and ethically exemplary, diligent, hard-working, especially-skilled, and highly-experienced, such that we can entirely rely on them during both UK and global investigations.

Our private detectives and trusted partners fully understand the importance of our work to our clients’ success – personally and professionally. This responsibility is always in our minds.

Read more on the investigation services we offer worldwide.


Reasons For International Investigations

We offer our international investigations expertise to both corporate and private individual clients.

Our valued clients instruct us to conduct international investigations on their behalf for many reasons, including: Lack of knowledge of the relevant overseas territory or jurisdiction, its language, geography, legal processes, or cultural practice.

The specific investigation itself may include any number of types of investigative service, such as background checking, covert surveillance, or any number of other types of operation. Our private detectives and trusted global partners are all thoroughly trained and experienced with these – and all other – aspects of detective work.


Recent International Investigation Cases

Here are some examples of recent international investigations conducted by PDL: 

  • An American law firm who instructed us on a process serving operation. This specifically involved serving legal documents to another company at both its offices – one in the UK and another in The Netherlands.
  • A tracing case in which an international client instructed us to locate a UK-based individual. We were able to establish that the individual was no longer in the UK and was now in The USA. We worked alongside one of our USA-based trusted partners to successfully locate the individual.
  • An asset investigation spanning multiple countries in which we utilised both our UK team and our global partnerships to track and recover the assets in question.
  • Conducting due diligence remotely from our London office using software, algorithms and intelligence databases to get the results needed via desk investigation only.


International Investigations: Legality & Ethics

We uphold the highest standards of legality and ethical conduct at all times, without exception, and we consult our highly-knowledgeable legal counsel to ensure we’re always within the law.

Conducting international investigations adds an additional element in that we must ensure we are fully aware of any ways in which laws might vary between different nations. 

In this way – with the help of our trusted global partners – we can ensure we can make the same promises and assurances of legality and ethics to clients anywhere in the world.

We also consider data protection of the utmost importance and we use the most secure email servers and drive storage available. 

We always undertake due diligence before any investigation, to ensure all parties completely understand all elements of relevant detail and process.

We will never compromise our commitment to legality, ethics, data protection, and due diligence.


Our Trusted Partners Worldwide

From our UK base in London: From here we cover the UK and worldwide.

We have a network of trusted partners in over 60 countries worldwide, meaning we can conduct ‘on-the-ground’ operations in almost every nation globally. 

We carefully select our trusted partners with the same diligence as we use when hiring our in-house UK team, or conducting any of our investigative operations.


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