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Who’s Listening In? Why you might want to consider a bug sweeping service

Corporate espionage and bug sweeping services might seem like the stuff that blockbusters are made of, but while the gun-toting heroes and simpering heroines with a backbone of steel are very much the remit of Hollywood, the fact remains that espionage is a very real threat in today’s business culture. And it’s not just business premises which make the prime targets.

Bugs can be freely purchased at a range of stores; compact and discreet, they can be installed practically anywhere. This means that if you are a target of surveillance for any reason, your office, your home and your car could all be subject to bugging. And you may never even know about it. It’s something of a disturbing thought. Especially when you factor in the advent of high speed internet and the wealth of hardwired solutions which have sprung up around it, hijacking your own technology and using it to relay confidential information to unwelcome sources. It’s hardly surprising then, that the demand for bug sweeping services is on the rise.



Someone listening? Then maybe you need a bug sweeping service

So those are the facts, but what can you do if you think that you’ve been bugged?

  • The first step is to remove yourself from the environment that you’re suspicious of until the bug sweep takes place. If you can’t take yourself completely away, remain alert and ensure that nothing that you would not wish to be openly known is said or done within that vicinity.
  • Secondly, seek help from a professional. PDL surveillance professionals will visit your premises for a comprehensive bug sweep, employing military-grade training and techniques to search all liable areas. We won’t make a big song and dance about it, waving around bleeping devices and looking concerned; we’ll simply get on with the job quietly and professionally, until all areas of potential threat have been eliminated.
  • While you’re waiting for the bug sweep to happen, try to avoid using your telephone – landline and mobile. For any private or confidential calls, seek out a local payphone. This is particularly important when reporting your concerns to PDL.

Anyone can become a victim of surveillance for any reason: a business competitor may be seeking the edge with inside information; a spouse (or ex-spouse) may be looking for ammunition to leverage a better divorce deal; a colleague could be trying to cover their own tracks by keeping an account of yours.

Do you need bug sweeping services in London 

At PDL we have counter surveillance experts from all fields, and our confidentiality is guaranteed. If you have any concerns about who is listening to you, call us today; we’re ready to help: +44(0)203 747 1865.