Process Serving - UK & International​

At PDL we provide bespoke, specialist process serving services to clients throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our expert private detectives are experienced process servers with the skill, dedication and diligence to get the job done.


Specialist Process Serving

Our bespoke process serving encompasses many things. Two elements of process serving in particular that we regularly provide (and in which we specialise) are:

Service Upon Business – process serving to businesses across the UK and beyond

Evasive Service – process serving to those who are evasive or whose whereabouts are unknown.

Our exemplary ability and 100% success record with tracing people is especially useful here.


Process Serving Fees

Our process serving fees are calculated as an hourly rate plus associated expenses – meaning factors such as mileage, transport, or technology costs. Read more on our fees. Our minimum instruction is £250.00 


Why Choose Our Process Servers? 

There are many companies offering process serving, but here’s what puts us at the top of the list:

Bespoke Service

Many process servers offer fixed prices for a number of ‘attempts’ representing a generic service. We offer a bespoke, specialist service work with care, intelligence and confidence to get the job done.

Private Detectives Operating As Process Servers

Our process servers are multi-skilled private detectives. We don’t just knock on doors, we get the job done.  If the operation requires tracing and locating first, or due diligence – we have the expert personnel to do it.

24/7 Out Of Hours Service Available

We run a comprehensive out of hours service and have a private detective on duty at all times. This means we can be instantly on hand to undertake any urgent process serving requests.


Diligence, Legality & Ethics

At PDL, diligence, legality and ethics are always our primary concerns.

All our process serving is undertaken in line with the rules of service for England and Wales, the Hague Service Convention of 14th November 1965 and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1393/2007 

As such, our approach must be different depending on the situation, the country of operation and the circumstances.  We guarantee handling such matters with propriety, and our experience tells us this sets us apart from many other process servers.

All our partners undergo due diligence checks before we work with them to ensure we maintain our high standers.


International Process Serving

We are experienced international process servers, using our expertise, personnel, connections and legal knowledge to ensure all international process serving is done efficiently and correctly.

We have the resources and logistical capabilities to travel across the UK and overseas at a moment’s notice, and extensive worldwide partnerships built upon many years’ experience.

Should you require advice on service abroad or out of jurisdiction please contact us for a consultation to avoid any subsequent complications.


Arrange Your Free Appraisal

Whether you have documents to be served on a business in the city, or a bank in the USA, we’re here to help.

To arrange your free, no obligation appraisal and fee estimate, please get in touch via the contact form below:

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