Due Diligence

Failure to operate due diligence can leave individuals and businesses at risk of serious harm, but if you know the facts, you can make better decisions.

Due diligence underpins almost everything we do and our due diligence investigation services are increasingly requested by both businesses and individuals looking to protect themselves. From the Bribery Act of 2010 to HSBC’s public shaming over its due diligence failures, time and again we see organisations and public figures fall victim to a lack of due diligence.  In a worst-case scenario, it can even affect the ability to win court cases and obtain compensation. 


See the whole picture

We recognise that knowing the facts allows people to make better decisions, and better decisions lead to better businesses and happier lives. 

We want you to enter into new commitments with your eyes wide open and our team of investigative due diligence experts have the skills and expertise to bring you certainty and confidence when you need it most. 


How we can help

Although corporate due diligence investigations are a significant part of the work we do, you may be surprised to learn that due diligence investigation isn’t just about business services – it’s just as much a part of the process of premarital investigations for example, as it is for employment screening, and we’re seeing an increasing number of requests from people wanting to check that the personal investment decisions they’re making are legitimate. 

If you’re making a big decision and something doesn’t feel quite right, it’s always better to get it checked out and find out what’s really going on.  We consider due diligence investigations to be a short-term investment that really could provide you with long-term savings – whether emotional or financial.

If you come to us for help, we’ll guide you through the due diligence investigation process and make sure you feel ready to make the decisions that will help you plan for the future.


Your due diligence investigation service could include:

  • Local enquiries
  • Registered bad debts
  • International company records
  • Property ownership enquiries
  • Location of hidden assets
  • Professional and educational history
  • Litigation and pending cases
  • General reputational enquiries
  • Investigation of corporate affiliations
  • Address verification

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