Corporate Investigations

Change is key in business, but being able to identify which changes are threats and which are opportunities is vital to success.

We provide a range of Corporate Investigation Services to help corporate clients recognise risk and protect themselves from it.

Corporate Investigations experts

At Private Detective London we’ve been running Corporate Investigations in the UK and worldwide for over four decades, and we pride ourselves on the great relationships we have with our clients. 

If you get in touch with us, we’ll listen to what you need, then we’ll give you an honest view of what we can achieve.  This transparency is important to us, because in an unregulated industry, we take pride in our ethical and trustworthy approach: we uphold a flawless approach to legality at all times, and exercise an exemplary code of discretion.

Our strict hiring policy means that we have a team of expert personnel, and we invest in the latest data intelligence and technological tools.  Not surprisingly, our success rate reflects this.  We want to solve the problem, and we plan for a successful outcome from the very beginning of any investigation we undertake.

Our depth of experience means we understand the business needs that make such investigations necessary, and  we know that identifying a risk is about more than just checking whether your competitors are stealing your ideas or your customers.  

Each investigation is different, but with a comprehensive understanding of the entire field of corporate investigation, we can save your business time and money, as well as providing much needed reassurance.

Change vs risk

Managing change isn’t easy, whether that’s carrying out the due diligence necessary to keep up to speed with legislation, or digging deep into the credit history of a new business partner.  

In our experience, many businesses don’t have the internal resources to be able to carry out  even the basics – whether that’s pre-employment background checks for new hires,  or conducting more complex due diligence into partners, suppliers and potential clients.  

A strategic approach to risk can make all the difference to the long-term success of your business and we have the specialist skills needed to undertake investigative tasks effectively. 


Planning for Success

We know that hiring the right people, investing in strong partnerships and aggressively pursuing new opportunities are all part of the lifeblood of a strong business.  

Our specialist services help organisations check and vet every potential development, taking out some of the guess work and preparing the ground on the path to increased profitability and business growth. 

With networks around the world, we’re able to discover the hidden facets of business life on a global scale. 


Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Financial investigations
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employee investigations
  • Fraud investigation
  • Pre-Litigation investigations
  • Complex intelligence gathering
  • Covert and counter surveillance
  • Tracing services

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