Corporate Investigations

The business world exists on change – but knowing which changes are threats and which are opportunities is vital to success. Private Detective London helps corporate clients recognise risk and protect themselves from it.

Corporate Investigation Services

  • Financial investigations
  • Data theft
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employee investigations
  • Fraud investigation
  • Pre-Litigation investigations
  • Complex intelligence gathering

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4 Decades of Corporate Investigation

Private Detective London’s 4 decades of experience in corporate investigations has shown us that many businesses just don’t have the internal resources to check:

Contracting a private investigator to carry out these tasks will save your business time and money, and provide reassurance.



Change, Risk & Success – The Keys To Business Strategy

Managing Change

From the due diligence necessary to keep up to speed with legislation through to digging deep into the credit history of a new business partner, we have specialist skills to undergo certain tasks effectively.



Risk Proofing & Risk Reduction

We help clients stay safe, or recover from difficult situations, by offering specialist services ranging from counter surveillance that protects from damaging outside attacks all the way to tracing services and process serving that help businesses recover assets and protect them from harm.



Planning For Success

Hiring the right people, investing in strong partnerships and aggressively pursuing new opportunities are all part of the lifeblood of a strong business. We’re here to help organisations check and vet every potential development so that they take the best route to business growth and increased profitability.



International Corporate Investigations

An increasing area of focus is international corporate investigation and this is one area where our four decades of experience really count.

We have networks around the world, a deep understanding of business needs, and the ability to discover hidden facets of business life worldwide.

Identifying business risk is therefore not just a matter of checking whether your competitors are stealing your ideas or your customers – it’s a question of understanding the entire field of corporate investigation, and that’s where we excel.

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Free appraisal
For your free email / telephone appraisal, contact us 


Available Mon-Friday 7am - 7pm
Out of hours services available