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At Private Detective London, we provide tailored investigative consulting services to corporate clients and individuals throughout the UK and worldwide.

While many investigative consultants offer a generic service, Private Detective London is different. We use our four decades of investigation experience to create a tailored approach and find the right answers for you. We discover effective solutions to complex problems with integrity, efficiency and professionalism.

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Telephone: Give us a call. Email: contact@privatedetective.london

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What Is An Investigative Consultant?

Many investigations have straightforward, clear-cut, evidence-based answers. Other investigations contain deeper issues – Complex ethical or legal issues, ongoing issues, the need to risk-proof a business or relationship against future harm. These situations call for our investigative consultants – A committed private investigator who will understand the situation in great detail and use a range of ongoing investigative processes to assist clients in finding the long-term answers they need.

What Are Our Investigative Consulting Services?

Our Investigative consultancy includes an initial free telephone / email appraisal to everyone. We offer this for three important reasons:

1)  Sometimes the initial appraisal is enough to provide the information and help necessary to satisfy the client’s investigative needs.

2)  We enjoy talking things through and helping people onto the right path.

3)  Integrity is the centre of our investigative consulting service. We understand that which investigative consultant to work with is an important decision, not to be taken lightly.

Contact us now for your free appraisal:

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Telephone: 020 3747 1865.   Email: contact@privatedetective.london

We pride ourselves on our tailored approach, providing each client with the relevant accurate research, detailed reports, precise statements and informative evidence. We’re equally proud that we manage to provide this highly professional service with both absolute professionalism and a friendly personable nature.

Our investigative consultants are equipped to take on cases in any field. However, some of the more common issues we work with are:

Many of our clients have regular consultations with us, seeking an investigator’s opinion and counsel. This is part of our commitment to the longer term – Building trusted, professional working relationships.

What Makes Us The Best Investigative Consultants?

  •  A highly reputable investigation company – Integrity is always our first concern
  •  A polished service – Efficient, informative and discreet.
  • Experience-based investigative skills, formed and honed over 40 years.
  •  Professional relationships with high-end, big business clients worldwide
  • Personable working relationships with individual clients
  •  A wide range of backgrounds – From home office to military
  • A thorough grounding – From business, to cyber surveillance, to family relationships
  • A desire to build long-term, cost-effective working relationships.


Where Do Our Investigative Consultants Operate?

We are a UK-based, globally operating company of investigative consultants

Investigative Consultants London

We provide investigative consulting services throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our London investigators are available to meet at the client’s office, one of our London meeting rooms, or to conduct a walking meeting in Central London.

Investigative Consultants Manchester

Manchester is our northern hub and base of operations for the North. Our investigate consultants based in Manchester work with businesses and individual clients seeking investigative consulting services right across the North and North west of England, and North Wales.

Investigative Consultants Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh investigators are available to meet you locally to discuss your requirements. We provide our usual excellent investigative service in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas

Investigative Consultants UK & Worldwide

Our UK private investigators regularly travel throughout the UK and the world to carry out their excellent work. We are prepared to offer investigation consultancy anywhere in the UK and worldwide, without restriction on where we can operate. Our primary focus is always integrity, efficiency, and building strong, lasting working relationships.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch now via the booking form on this page, or the contact details below

Free Telephone / Email Appraisal

For your free initial appraisal, or to discover how you may benefit from our investigative consulting services, contact us now using the booking form on this page, or the following contact details:


Telephone: 020 3747 1865

Email: contact@privatedetective.london

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