PDL Consultancy

Once you know you need a Private Detective, you may still be worried about who to choose and what they will do.

Whilst many investigation agencies offer a one size fits all service, Private Detective London is different. We focus on finding the right answer for you, based on what you tell us and our four decades of experience in discovering solutions to complex problems.

Why may my Private Detective London also need to be a consultant?

Consultancy focused services offer a different route to peace of mind. In many investigations there’s simple, clear-cut, evidence-based answer to a problem. But in some, there’s a deeper set of issues, a more complicated ethical or legal issue or the need to risk-proof a relationship or business against future harm. In such cases we have a range of methods we can bring to the situation, to help our clients find a route through their difficulties that provides a cost-effective long term answer.

Accurate research via investigation services, detailed reports and precise statements are all a part of providing evidence that allows our clients to clarify how they need to proceed. A blend of consultancy, investigation and advice allows us to support that clarification process so that each client is able to reach a solution that works for them.

What kind of problems do Private Detective Consultants solve?

Intelligence services are a vital part of the Private Detective London Consultancy We have a broad and deep capacity to call upon investigators with a wide range of backgrounds from Home Office to military and from London out across the world. This scope means we can offer professional, polished consultancy to our clients whether they are seeking a due diligence approach to a business problem or using our tracing services to track down a long-long friend or family member. It ensures we help them evaluate all the risks before they proceed and it brings certainty about options to clients, so they fully appreciate all the potential scenarios resulting from their decisions.

Each client is different – each problem requires a specific solution

One reason we commit to consultancy is because we’ve spent so long honing our skills – once we’ve fully understood a client’s position and their requirements, we can create a tailored approach, including consultancy, that gives them the benefit of our expertise and allows them to navigate the the best solution for them.

Practical results depend on expert personnel – our consultancy services deliver a degree of certainty along with concrete facts and evidence. What the Private Detective London clients want is certainty, clarity and concrete action – and that’s what consultancy delivers.

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