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Private Investigation Services in London, Manchester, throughout the UK and Internationally

Every day, thousands of ordinary people do something they never expected they needed to do. They contact a private detective and ask for investigation services to find the truth.

We understand it can be a little daunting and unfamiliar so we have made your initial, confidential consultation at no cost nor obligation, please contact Private Detective London on 0203 747 1865 or email here.

Why do people need a private eye?

  • Because they believe their business is being undermined by pilferage or other criminal acts
  • As a consequence of facing court and needing an effective defence
  • From fear that a partner is cheating
  • As a result of concerns about the behaviour of a business partner or employee
  • To try and locate a long-lost missing relative.

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For these and other reasons, we offer investigation services in London, nationwide and internationally as a central point to assist our clients.

Private Detective London, private investigator carrying out investigation services from a car.Why choose our investigation services?

We are qualified and trained and our range of investigation services calls on advanced technology like GPS tracking to ensure our clients receive the three things they need:

  • Certainty
  • Support
  • Discretion

These 4 key needs match our key values:

  • Clear Facts
  • Supportive
  • Timely Communication
  • Meticulous, risk averse investigative practices

It’s for this reason that our clients trust us with their biggest fears and most vital secrets. They allow us into their businesses and their lives because we have exceptional skills, high values and a case closure rate second to none.

Knowing when to hire a Private Investigator

The moment you begin with the first point of contact, you start the process that allows us to help you.

Our investigation services will bring you the facts you need to get your life, your business, back on track. Why not let that happen today? Contact us on 020 3747 1865 (+44203 7471865).

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