Covert Surveillance

We provide the highest quality covert surveillance services to corporate and private clients across the UK and worldwide.

With trusted, expert operatives who meet our renowned exacting standards, a wealth of experience, the latest technologies, and accordance with all legality and ethics, we’re the leaders in the field of covert surveillance services.

We’re proud to deliver unrivalled surveillance to our clients, helping them and their businesses achieve and maintain security, certainty, and success.


Covert Surveillance Experts

Our covert surveillance teams comprise operatives from a range of specialist backgrounds, meaning they’re well-equipped to join our elite team. In this regard, they must meet certain criteria to work with us.

At PDL, we have always been uncompromising on the standard of our operatives, as this is crucial to our continued success, and that of our corporate clients, for whom we understand a great deal is at stake.

We also provide clients with a dedicated case officer to give progress updates, and provide reassurance and clarity of communication.

To discuss your covert surveillance needs, please contact us for a free appraisal.

Reasons For Covert Surveillance

We work with corporate clients worldwide to ensure their continued security and success.

In finding them truth and certainty, we proudly enable their continuing growth.

This may relate to evidence gathering regarding potential ‘grey market’ activities such as fraud, profit skimming or copyright infringement), diligence on employees and business associates, or our tracing services.

Additionally, we work with private clients to provide matrimonial services, such as our premarital investigation. Concerned clients looking for certainty highly value our work in this area, which is thorough and diligent, without ever compromising on legality and ethics.


Recent Surveillance Cases

Our recent cases include:

  • Covert surveillance on a subject based in Belgravia, London, relating to a high-level divorce. An active, fast-moving subject meant our dynamic approach was key.
  • Surveillance of a subject under suspicion from our client – a multi-national corporation based in the USA. We utilised our comprehensive network to track the subject through various European cities.
  • A fraud case in which we were asked to collate evidence for a defrauded company, and hand it to the company’s lawyers to advance their legal case.
  • A case relating to high-level child maintenance payments. Our client suspected their ex-partner was being dishonest in relation to their relevant income.

Covert Surveillance: Legality & Ethics

As with all our services, legality and ethics are our primary concern at all times, without exception. We have always followed – and will always follow – all laws and acts that relate to any of the investigative services we undertake.

Above and beyond this, we make a point of following the Right To Investigate Act (RIPA) despite no legal requirement on us to do so. Additionally, we follow the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, ensuring we work within the confines of the law at all times. Doing so is integral to our work, across the board.

We also make a clear ethical point on justification for surveillance. Covert surveillance operations must be based on relevant grounds, so as not to be unnecessarily intrusive.

UK & Worldwide Surveillance

From our UK base in London, we operate fluently across the UK and Europe.

In addition, we utilise our powerful network of trusted operatives in over 60 countries, to ensure we proudly offer our covert surveillance services worldwide.


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