Counter Surveillance

We provide a range of counter surveillance services in the UK and internationally.

In today’s fast-moving world, successful counter surveillance depends on expert operatives, the latest technology and up-to-date training to identify and remove bugging devices without being detected.

The circumstances in which you may find yourself or your business under surveillance are complex but we can help in a wide range of cases.   Your risk of being under surveillance is significantly higher if you are:

  • A company operating in a competitive market
  • An employer with disgruntled employees
  • A high net worth individual at risk of public attention
  • The subject of a criminal investigation
  • A spouse in a divorce case
  • In a relationship with somebody going through a divorce or break up
  • The relative of a criminal


What we do

Our team of expert professionals operate nationally and internationally out of our base in London and our services include the full range of counter surveillance techniques:

  • Electronic bug sweeping services
  • Eavesdropping protection
  • GPS sweeping
  • Locating wireless tracking devices in vehicles

Our work falls under two main areas, physical counter surveillance and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM).


Physical counter surveillance

We have a team of highly skilled counter surveillance operatives who conduct their own surveillance from a distance, to identify if you are being tailed by a surveillance team or cell.  Our team have a wealth of experience in this area and we’re confident that if you are under surveillance, we’ll find out.


Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

Our team also carries out comprehensive technical counter surveillance sweeps (TSCM bug sweeps) in commercial or residential buildings. 

With surveillance camera’s becoming increasingly sophisticated, we’re also seeing an increase in their use in the immediate area outside of our clients’ homes and places of work. These cameras are capable of picking up good quality images from a great distance, so lampposts, static vehicles and gardens have all become fair game.

We use the latest technology to search for phone taps, hidden microphones, concealed cameras and other information gathering equipment. 

A recent surge in requests for our bug detection services is likely because it’s now possible for anyone to buy spying devices online. This ‘amateur bugging’ may be less complex than a professional job, but can still be effective and is not always obvious.  

We have the skills and equipment necessary to spot these devices and we use a variety of techniques to make sure we identify any surveillance but don’t make our presence known.  

Unlike some other counter surveillance companies, our approach is really comprehensive, which means that our bug sweeping services can take time and it’s not unusual for us to spend several days in a commercial property.

Here are some recent examples of our cases:

  • Discovering that a Company Director’s office phone had been bugged by an employee who feared being caught siphoning off profits
  • Establishing that a private client was under camera surveillance by her ex-husband seeking to prove she was having a relationship with another man to cut his maintenance payments
  • Uncovering a sophisticated spying scheme launched by a foreign competitor against a British business in an attempt to discover patented formulas for a best-selling product


What can you do if you fear you’re being watched?

Contact us on the information below. We’ll put together an investigation based on your needs and circumstances, so that we can restore your security and peace of mind.

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