About us

We are a private detective agency operating throughout the UK and worldwide.

We’re known for expert personnel, state-of-the-art technology, 25 years experience and the highest ethical codes.

We pride ourselves on delivering success to numerous clients – both corporate and individual. Read more on PDL below, or contact us for a free no-obligation appraisal.



Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of investigative services to corporate and individual clients.

Our experience, technology and expertise make us well placed to offer any detective service, from tracing services – in which we proudly hold a 100% success rate – to background checks, and many more.

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Our Locations

We operate throughout the UK and worldwide.

We are based in London from here we serve the whole of the UK and over 60 countries worldwide.

We also have expert detectives ‘on the ground’ in 60 countries, meaning we can work efficiently with clients anywhere in the world.



Our Standards

We are at the forefront of the private detective industry in the UK and worldwide. Our exemplary success rates give us great pride, satisfaction, and reassurance in our proven methods. Here’s why so many clients choose us, and how we’re able to provide what they need:

  • Experience – We have 25 years experience in this industry. There’s not much we haven’t seen before, and we know our methods work.
  • Standards – We only employ the very best detectives: In-house experts and trusted subcontractors with whom we have long-standing working relationships
  • Personnel – From a range of key backgrounds, including police, government, and military.
  • Re-investment – This is key to our continuing success. We are proudly adaptable and at the forefront of change in our industry.
  • Technology – We use state-of-the-art technologies. Learning and adapting in this area is essential to our operations. We also operate at the highest available digital security levels.
  • Trust – Building genuine trust amongst our team, subcontractors, and with our clients is extremely important to us. We provide slick operations, but with a personal touch.

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Our Legality & Ethics

Our focus is always on achieving a successful outcome for our clients – providing intelligence, information and peace of mind.

However, legality and ethics are always equally paramount. We treat legality and ethics with the utmost importance at all times – without exception.



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