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About PDL

We are a leading Private Detective Agency in the UK with offices in London, Edinburgh and Manchester, and links across the globe. A network of professional co-operation and mutual professional development means we can call on experienced investigators and detectives around the world to support our team.

Private Investigators – Do You Need The Truth?

We provide effective private investigation support to private and corporate clients. Some agencies specialise in private clients, some in business clients. We specialise in something else – superlative detection and investigation. This means our private investigator teams in both London, Edinburgh and Manchester are effective whether they’re tackling Due Diligence for a multinational corporation or tracking down a missing teenager for a distraught family. Our specialist skills are honed by continuing study, skills development and technological upgrading of equipment to keep us at the forefront of our profession.

The services of PDL have helped individuals and organisations find and apply solutions that remove problems. We gather evidence, but we’re not just evidence gatherers. We assist in Criminal Defence but we’re not just fact-checkers. Our Covert Surveillance team establishes patterns of behaviour in employees and life partners, but we’re not just private detectives. PDL are solution providers – every case presents a problem and our ambition is to solve the problem, not just close the case.

Expert Investigators

We are committed to discretion, ethical behaviour and professional processes. We don’t employ people who have completed a week’s classroom training and consider themselves equipped to investigate. We don’t lower our standards to make a quick buck. We are a UK Private Detective organisation, considered the foremost detective agency in the UK and across the globe for a reason – and that reason is that our closure rate is high, our satisfaction rate higher, and our standards the highest in the land. We aim to be the best.

We focus on cost-effective, expert investigations and evidence gathering that will provide lasting resolutions and stand up to court scrutiny. There’s no such thing as a ‘good enough’ investigation for us. We are thorough, we are swift and we have an ardent desire to get to the facts.

Our operatives come from a range of backgrounds. Creating teams with diverse experience from Home Office, Military, Police and other disciplines means we have a range of skills available to ensure we can meet every client’s needs

PDL recognises that most clients never expected to need a private detective. As a result our team has been trained to engage in active listening and to provide clear concise advice on cost, time-scales and processes to deliver absolute peace of mind even before the case is closed.

We know how important it is to trust those you work with. To ensure confidentiality and swift communication, we give every client a dedicated liaison person who is the first line of contact and who updates the client regularly on progress.

Our team is ready to bring our services, our commitment and our enthusiasm to bear on your case – why not call us today on +4420 37471865 or use our contact form to start moving towards the solution with us?



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