Matrimonial Investigation

Such personal problems need to be addressed with sensitivity – but also with rigorous attention to the facts.

Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful? Then you need to hire a private investigator for your cheating spouse so you can find the evidence that you need.

It’s unpleasant to worry about whether we’re being cheated on, and the primary purpose of our private detective’s is to provide absolute clarity about what’s really going on.

For many clients, the first step is to contact us and ask to speak to one of our specialist matrimonial investigative consultants who can immediately begin to assist in discovering exactly what is going on.

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At Private Detective London we’ve spent more than forty years helping clients resolve these issues of doubt. See what we have discovered:

  • Partners affected by medication making them distant
  • Concealed mental health issues
  • Increase in job shifts to help pay for undisclosed debts
  • Infidelity

No matter what we discover, it helps our clients move forward. What matters in all these cases is that an investigation service has been launched that is tailored to the individual’s circumstances and is uniquely designed to provide evidence swiftly, professionally and completely confidentiallyContact us to begin the process.

Matrimonial investigations in the London, UK and Internationally

In a global society we’re often called on to conduct matrimonial investigations on an international scale. Our team has networks around the globe that assist our London office in exploring such issues as access arrangements, child custody, and joint assets.

We also use our surveillance techniques to support the process of evidence gathering that is vital to the successful conclusion of many matrimonial issues.

Matrimonial due diligence and pre-nuptial agreements, have the truth revealed

More and more clients are seeking our help when planning to commit to a life-long relationship. Pre-nuptial fact-finding has become a key part in guaranteeing peace of mind. A relationship background check helps create trust in a new partner, and allows us to be prepared for what might be up ahead.

See: Background Checks | Pre-marriage Investigation