Matrimonial Investigation

Discreet Investigation into your concerns over a Cheating Spouse or Unfaithful Partner



  • Understanding Your Worries at a Distressing Time
  • Easing Uncertainty, Giving You Clarity
  • Providing a Fully Detailed Report
  • Leaders in Sophisticated Modern Surveillance Techniques
  • Trust our Proven Track Record over 40 Years
  • Working throughout the UK and Internationally

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They say that love makes the world go around. But when there is a suspicion that your loved one is unfaithful, a person’s whole world can suddenly grind to a halt.

Relieving your anxieties

Naturally, this is a highly sensitive issue if you have reason to suspect infidelity by your loved one.

If you find yourself doubting your partner, the biggest dilemma you may be facing is uncertainty – simply not knowing the facts and thus becoming distraught through excess worry and concern.


Absolute clarity

At PDL, we can help you through these concerns by discreetly and sensitively uncovering the facts – giving you absolute clarity on the situation so that you can then move forward in the appropriate manner.

We will talk through all your suspicions – listening carefully with a practised ear – and then, with an agreed plan of action in place, uncover the actual evidence to give you the knowledge that you need.

Our relationship surveillance techniques combine the very best of classic and modern methods to successfully gather the evidence vital to resolve your issues about a cheating spouse or partner’

Leaders in Sophisticated Modern Surveillance Techniques

At PDL, we always use the most sophisticated methods and state-of the-art tools to help discover a cheating spouse. In the online world, for example, we are at the forefront of using advanced algorithms and specialist intelligence databases to speed the process. This, of course, is on top of the usual tried and tested covert surveillance techniques where we can use the very latest and best GPS vehicle tracking systems to help trace a partner’s movements.
Also, as you will see from some of our brief Case Studies below, our investigations often span international borders. For that reason it’s crucial that you choose a private investigative team that has relevant global experience to gather proof of infidelity.

A Valued and Trusted Track Record

PDL has a proud and exceptional track record of success and our Matrimonial Investigation Services have been answering clients’ emotional concerns for over 26 years.

During that time, we have frequently uncovered the evidence that a partner never wants to hear – that their loved one is indeed conducting an affair.

Yet our investigations can often reveal that those suspicions can sometimes be unfounded. It could be that there is another issue at play: health problems, perhaps, or areas such as addictions or mounting work pressures.

" What we know for certain is that every case is unique and that’s why our service is always personally tailored to your specific concerns "
Peter Torley
Lead private detective

Do you live or work outside the UK?

We are often called on to conduct Matrimonial Investigations on an international scale and that is why we have developed networks around the globe to assist our London office in exploring suspected infidelity.

If this applies to you, you can feel confident that our global personnel have all the relevant skills and experience to thoroughly investigate your concerns.

Let us help you now with getting the peace of mind you deserve.

Simply complete the Contact Form below. You will then be able to speak to one of our Specialist Matrimonial Investigators who will listen carefully and advise on what steps we will take to examine your case.

We will then gather the necessary evidence and present you with a Detailed Report.

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Relationship Investigations – even more ways we can help

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  • Pre-nuptial agreements

Planning to commit to a life-long relationship? Matrimonial Due Diligence and Pre-nuptial fact-finding have become key procedures in guaranteeing long-term peace of mind. A relationship background check helps create trust in a new romantic partner and allows you to be fully prepared for your future life together. See more: Background Checks | Pre-marriage Investigation