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We understand that the decision to hire a detective is not taken lightly

We know that accepting the need for a Private Detective is tough. We recognise that you’re feeling unsure and that facing the facts is often hard to do. That’s why we make it easy for you to call.

Our professional team have been trained to answer your call with tact and in complete confidence. We assess each query immediately and can either give you a swift, comprehensive estimate of the time and cost to pursue your case, or the liaison person who’s taken your call will seek professional advice from one of our private detective team and call you back with detailed information about timescales and costs.

This first consultation is completely free. Building trust is a part of our commitment, and we know that’s done through honest communication, upfront information and demonstrating that we are dedicated to confidentiality and to providing the right solution for you.

Not everybody can call, which is why we have a contact form. Just complete it, and we’ll get back to you with comprehensive information.

If you feel you may be the subject of surveillance, or stalking, we suggest that you contact us on a computer away from your home or office, or use a public telephone – this simple precaution guarantees that we can help you discover if you are being tracked or followed without anybody else being aware that you have taken action on your suspicions. Our counter surveillance London team are experienced in dealing with these stressful situations, so call us today and allow us to help you resolve the problem.