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Cheating partner or spouse? We will uncover the truth

Cheating Partner? Matrimonial Investigation.

One of the harshest truths someone may have to face up to is whether or not they’re with a cheating partner. The consequences of infidelity can be devastating.

Most people will recognise that living with their doubts is not a viable option. Perhaps you’ve suspected that your partner is seeing someone else for some time. Has your partner suddenly lost interest? Has his or her behaviour changed? Perhaps there is other suspicious behaviour you have noticed. Are you really being cheated on? Or are you just imagining that your partner is being unfaithful?


These are all questions Private Detective London (PDL) clients have asked themselves. Getting conclusive proof of infidelity is another matter. This is where the services of a private detective come in. This may sound like a drastic measure, but the discreet services offered by a professional investigator can be the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide the information you need. The best way to ease your mind once and for all.


Cheating partner Private Detective London

A tailored solution

An experienced private detective knows that no two cases are the same. A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to get the evidence required to prove or disprove infidelity. If convenient, one of the senior detectives at our Private Detective Agency can meet with a client. They’ll establish the individual circumstances of the case, and see what grounds the client has to be suspicious of a possible cheating partner. An appropriate plan of action will then be created and acted on.

Considering divorce proceedings?

If divorce proceedings are being considered by the client, proof of infidelity provided by an investigator should be both conclusive and incontestable. But even where legal action is not envisaged, the quality of evidence has to be such that the client is left in no doubt where the truth lies. Only then, will he or she be able to make an informed decision about what is best to do next. PDL has the expertise required to ensure no stone is left uncovered and no ‘T’ is left uncrossed.

What a matrimonial private investigation entails

As we have already stated, no two matrimonial investigations are the same. It, therefore, follows that the methods used by our trusted private investigators are likely to differ from case to case. Strategies will be formed so that the best results are obtained. For example, vehicle tracking can be used to see where a partner goes over the course of a few days or weeks and what, if any, pattern emerges.

Covert surveillance is another technique our private investigators will use to find out who a partner is seeing. This will be substantiated with photographic and digital evidence where possible. PDL’s leading private investigators will also be equipped to carry out mobile phone forensics, where appropriate, while always operating within legal boundaries. In short, we will deploy all the tools available to get the kind of proof the client requests.

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Corporate Fraud: How to protect your business

With corporate fraud on the rise, it’s crucial to ensure your business is protected in the modern age. Here’s some information on the ways that corporate fraud can operate, and how best to protect yourself.


Consider The Modern World 

Arguably – in this modern, technological world – we know more about each other than ever before. However, the flipside to this is that there can be great difficulty verifying information or put simply – knowing what we can believe. We’re also in an age of unprecedented global mobility. These two factors in conjunction mean modern businesses – of all kinds, from sole trader to international corporation – face many challenges.


Internal Fraud

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for businesses large and small to face the threat of internal corporate fraud – that is to say, fraud from within the organisation itself. The most common forms of this strand of corporate fraud include financial theft, data theft, or overall abuse of a position by an employee or group of employees.  

It’s important to remember that by definition it is usually those in positions of trust who are able to commit fraud. A fraudulent individual usually requires some autonomy to be able to act in a fraudulent manner. 

We also advise corporate clients concerned about potential internal fraud to be mindful of which employees or partners might be under increased pressure, which is often a major factor in pushing a predisposed individual towards any fraudulent activity. Of course, it’s good practice in general to be trying to alleviate pressure within your organisation where possible.


Corporate Fraud Investigation


Background Checks

Background checks are part of essential risk assessment. Before signing important contracts, agreeing to high-stakes deals, or giving job offers, background checks can be both useful and reassuring – whether you have specific concerns, or are simply undertaking thorough due diligence.

As an employer it’s important to establish what it is you need to know before being happy to commit to any agreement of a business-sensitive nature. Read more on our background checking services


Discretion Is Key

At PDL, discretion is key in everything we do. However, the necessity for the utmost discretion is something we often have to remind corporate clients when they’re attempting to uncover and prosecute fraudulent individuals who pose a threat to their business.

In order for any fraudulent individual to be successfully prosecuted – and any assets recovered – it’s essential that evidence is gathered and fraudulent individuals are identified in the most professional and inconspicuous manner.

We are here to advise further on discretion and all other aspects of handling corporate fraud investigation. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Ongoing Disputes

Disputes can vary in nature and magnitude, but they all can drain resources and impact upon your ability to manage business as usual. It’s important that any ongoing disputes – including legal issues, partnership disagreements, and so on – are handled professionally throughout, to bring matters to a satisfactory close.


Bespoke Solutions

Remember that every case requires a bespoke solution. Situations should be judged on the evidence, and solutions found with the protection of your business firmly in mind. We don’t give catch-all advice because we prefer to analyse the specifics of a case and deal with its details up-close. You may require data forensics, for example, or vehicle tracking. It might be surveillance, or background checking. The key is that the circumstances themselves indicate the best course of action.


Monitoring, Early Detection, and Process

We’ve worked on many corporate fraud cases in our history, and it has become apparent that by far the most effective way to prevent corporate fraud either from occurring, or from escalating or causing irreparable damage, relates to good monitoring, early detection, and establishing processes to handle any relevant cases.

Of course, what this specifically means is different from company to company, but what doesn’t change is that the first question we’ll ask an organisation concerned about preventing corporate fraud is – what process do you have in place to ensure good monitoring and early detection of any initial warning signs of impending fraud? 

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