Statement of standards

The core of our business and the heart of our proud reputation is the standard of our operatives.

We are – and always have been – committed to establishing and maintaining the very highest standards in everything we do. This includes discretion, state-of-the-art technologies, and of course, our hiring standards.

We are proud to be benchmark-setters within our industry in a multitude of ways. And as a company that puts people first, this is never more important than the care with which we recruit our expert, in-house staff.

Our operatives come from a range of specialist, relevant backgrounds, meaning that across our teams we have every specialist skill covered and can assist our valued clients in a breadth of investigative circumstances.

We are proud to never compromise on the depth of our hiring, vetting, reference-checking, interviewing, and background-checking processes, the results of which are in the continued success of our highly reputable organisation, and in the continuing successful outcomes for our clients.

We make no exceptions on the standard of our operatives. It is not in the interests of PDL, or our clients.

If you’d like to discuss anything about our operatives, our hiring process, or the many ways in which we establish and maintain our exemplary standards, please contact us now.

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