Tracing services

We provide tracing services to individual and corporate clients in the UK and internationally.

We’re extremely proud to hold a 100% tracing success record, and we don’t intend to lose it!

With a UK base in London, and a network of specialists in 60 countries worldwide, we offer one of the world’s best and most comprehensive tracing services.

A Range Of Tracing Services

We provide a thorough range of tracing services to both business clients and private individuals. From finding long-lost friends and relatives, to tracing people online, to tracing debtors and beneficiaries, and beyond – we have it all covered. Our tracing services include:

  • Locating Relatives
  • Confirming An Address
  • Locating Business Contacts
  • Debt Tracing (including assisting in recovering funds from dissolved companies)
  • Finding Missing Persons
  • Beneficiary Tracing

What Makes Our Tracing Service So Successful?

We’re extremely proud to hold 100% success rate in tracing cases and we don’t intend to lose it!

Whether our clients are individuals seeking tracing for emotional, familial, reasons, or are businesses striving to recover debts to keep afloat, we fully understand the huge importance of tracing cases.

Consequently, we are always developing and sustaining the exemplary quality of our tracing services and operational standards. In these ways:


Our continuing investment and reinvestment means we can access more data than any

other company. This combined with our experience and expertise creates tracing success.

State-of-the-art Technologies

Technology is central to our operations. We are always updating our intelligence systems, data and processes to keep us at the forefront of a fast-developing world.

Expert Detectives

For each tracing case we utilise a bespoke team from our expert personnel. Our private detectives are highly-skilled investigators with backgrounds from police, to military to government. Our technical team have state-of-the-art skills in electronic and digital tracing.

Dedication To Covert Operations

We take all possible measures to ensure our operatives are completely inconspicuous, whether they’re conducting surveillance or operating online tracing. Our aim is that our footprint is invisible, in person or online.


Tracing Fees

Tracing case fees can vary depending on hours, technologies and travel.

Some cases can be completed without even leaving our office, for example, while others can be more complex and involved, requiring in-person investigations or even international travel.

However we do have well-established partnerships with service providers and operatives in over 60 countries worldwide, meaning we can usually find cost-effective success for our clients.

Tracing service fees start at around £375.00 , a typical average figure being around £880.00. Refer to the case study example below for case-specific average figures.

Tracing Case Studies

Below are some case studies exemplifying our tracing process and success, along with typical fee estimates. Names have been been changed but the situations described are genuine.

Sam – Locating A Relative

Sam was keen to trace his long-lost brother. Being siblings, he knew two key pieces of information which enabled us to narrow down our search.

After discussing the matter and completing compliance checks, we returned to Sam within 24 hours with a formal estimate. Sam accepted the quote and gave us his instruction. We conducted database research, made telephone enquiries, studied data and were able to confirm a current fixed above in a report to Sam within 5 days. He was delighted.

Comments: “Thanks very much for the quick turn around. I’m thinking about making contact.”

* * * * *

Jane – Finding A Landowner

Jane needed to find the owner of some land behind her property – for legal reasons she needed to seek the landowner’s consent before building behind her property.

One challenge here was the landowner had an extremely common name. In addition we had no other information (age, date of birth etc).

This quite involved job involved database research and applying for historical documents. As a result we were able to narrow it down, strike on a lead, and locate the individual – who themself was delighted to hear from us.

We were able to put our client and the landowner in touch and have since been very pleased to hear they were able to complete the necessary transaction and Jane has been able to build on the land.

Comments: “Excellent! Can’t believe you find him!!. Thank you so much”. 

* * * * *

Emma – Tracing A Long-lost Parent
Emma was searching for her father after not having seen him for 17 years.

She was able to provide a full name, date of birth and a possible address, however our initial database research indicated her father had moved on.

We located 3rd persons who may know his whereabouts and eventually located a particular 3rd party who was able to direct us to an overseas search in the USA. Here we successfully located Emma’s father’s current address.

The case lasted several weeks and was a very involved case, however Emma was very committed, happy to commit the requisite time and funds and was extremely pleased with the end result of having located her father.

Comments: “Thank you. I am very pleased with the service”. 

* * * * *

John – Tracing A Debtor
We received instructions from John in a company’s finance department, to locate a debtor.

John was able to provide the subject’s full name, last known address and date of birth. Based on these 3 key pieces of information, we had a strong trail to follow, particularly with database research.

This key information helped to keep the cost down for John as it meant we could keep hours to a minimum in terms of initial research.

Furthermore, as this related to a debt and was therefore a legal matter, we were able to access more comprehensive data than in some of the more personal cases outlined above.

We were able to locate the debtor and we understand that John’s company has since been able to collect the funds they were due.

Comments: “Good job. Confident we will use you again”.

* * * * *

The above demonstrates just a few elements of our tracing service. While every client’s situation is unique, with our over 25 years experience we’ll most likely have dealt with something very similar before.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation appraisal to discuss your requirements.


Compliance, Confidentiality & GDPR

The new GDPR is essential to our business and used across the business on a daily basis. Compliance, ethics and legality are at the core of our business and we take them extremely seriously, without exception.

We must always ask regarding the nature of your search. However we also of course respect the sensitivity of these matters, and won’t ask anything beyond what we need to ask to get the job done while meeting our ethical duties.

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