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Tracing services for personal and corporate clients is an everyday matter for PDL, throughout the UK and internationally.

What can we do for you?

  • Confirm an address
  • Locating relatives
  • Locating business contacts
  • Debt tracing
  • Missing persons
  • Beneficiary tracing

Missing Person - Tracing Services by Private Detective London

In all these areas of detective work, we call upon expert professionals who make up a bespoke team for each tracing services case.

Our private detectives are skilled investigators with backgrounds in the military or police which enable them to locate missing persons with speed and discretion.

State-of-the-art skills in electronic and digital tracing

Others are technical professionals, with state-of-the-art skills in electronic and digital tracing that give them the edge in establishing the whereabouts of those who have gone missing.

UK and International tracing services with one of the best success rates

From PDL’s three UK offices, London, Manchester and Edinburgh, our tracing services cover the whole of the UK and worldwide.  We offer a range of additional options that permit our personal clients and our business clients alike to benefit from a complete solution to their problem.

Swift, simple and cost-effective

By creating specialist teams we make it swift, simple and cost-effective to undertake whatever tracing activity our clients require, from finding estranged relatives through to tracking down individuals who’ve skipped out on rent arrears or purchase agreements.  We aim for you to receive an hourly rate and estimate before taking your instructions.

For a free email / telephone appraisal, contact us on:

Phone: +442037471865



Tracing a debt

We help our clients discover if there are already outstanding County Court Judgments (CCJs) or a Debt Relief Order (DRO) against the debtor. This may make it difficult to recover a debt. We ensure our clients are armed with all the facts and look to discover any missing information to help the case.

We also engage with the process of recovering funds from dissolved companies – we’re a complete support to business, and we take pride in ensuring that we keep our business clients on their feet.

Beneficiary tracing

When tracing relatives, long-lost friends or family members, we ensure our operatives are completely inconspicuous, whether they are conducting surveillance or operating an online trace system. Our footprint is invisible, in person or online!

Our specially constructed teams ensure that from our surveillance base we can deliver the right blend of skills and abilities across the UK and even internationally.

Next steps to tracing the people you need to find or debt you want settling

People often believe that nothing can be done to solve a situation they’re in, whether it’s an absconding debtor or a long-lost loved one.

At PDL we know there is always hope.

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