Background Checking Service

At PDL we offer bespoke basic and comprehensive background checking services in the UK and worldwide, to both private individuals and corporate clients..

We are proud to be at the forefront of UK background checking services. We combine the latest data intelligence, state-of-the-art technological tools, and the skill and diligence of our trusted private detectives, to provide thorough, accurate background checks.

As per our statement of standards, we uphold a flawless approach to legality and ethics at all times, without exception, and exercise an exemplary code of discretion.

As such, we regularly assist individual and corporate clients UK and worldwide with background checks – giving them the information they need to make key decisions on their personal and professional lives alike. 

Please find more information below on our background checking services UK and worldwide, and please contact us for your free appraisal, to discuss your requirements.


Background Checking Experts

We utilise all the experience, skill, and technology at our disposal to be leading experts in background checking.

Firstly, our trusted private detectives themselves. We will only work with the very best private detectives – those from specialist backgrounds, and with a wealth of experience relevant to joining our team. We exercise uncompromising focus and care when hiring, meaning all our team meet the PDL standard. 

We understand our crucial role in achieving personal happiness and corporate success for our clients, and take this responsibility very seriously.

When undertaking background checks for you, our private detectives will do as much as possible from the desktop. This means you’ll benefit from a service combining the latest technology and data intelligence, while also being cost-effective.

And when essential, our detectives go out to complete in-person enquiries – this may sometimes involve covert surveillance, for example, or other practical aspects of private detective work. 

Reasons For Background Checks

We work with both private individuals and corporate clients – offering them our unrivalled background checking service in the UK and worldwide. 

The primary reasons for background checks across these different client types are fundamentally: Reassurance, security, financial prudence, due diligence, business success, and safety.

These client concerns can manifest in many practical, real-life circumstances, such as:

  • The need to confirm an individual’s identity – perhaps a romantic interest met online.
  • Business matters – confirming another person or organisation’s credentials, particularly in an age of fewer than ever in-person meetings.
  • Employments and partnerships – in place of, or as well as, an employment screening service.
  • Due diligence on a transaction – we’ve consulted for many clients for whom an initial two hours work saves hundreds of thousands – and in some cases millions – of pounds.

Ultimately, whatever the reason for a background check, our aim remains the same: To produce the results necessary – usually meaning a report containing the evidence and intelligence the client needs to make key personal and professional decisions.


Recent Background Checking Cases 

Please find below a small selection of examples of our recent background checking cases. 

  • A family – concerned about the motives of an elderly relative’s new partner – instructed us to undertake a background check. This background check revealed the presence of aliases, and misinformation around the individual’s previous employment and addresses. Our private detectives traced another individual who was able to comment on the subject having previously targeted vulnerable and elderly people. Thus we were able to equip the family with the difficult but essential information they required.
  • An international individual – who had been falsely accused of a crime – contacted us to request a background investigation on the person who had wronged them. We were able to complete a comprehensive background check and support our client in building a strong case, in the hope of finding justice.
  • We were instructed by a private bank to do a background check on someone they had recently employed without an employee screening process. This involved operations in many countries across Europe and Africa, to compile the sources required to give the bank the reassurance they needed

 Legality & Ethics

With background checks – as with all our services – we will not compromise on legality and ethics. By definition and by design, during any operation we follow all the relevant country’s laws and acts at all times, without exception.

We take our data protection responsibilities extremely seriously, and as such we use the most ultra-secure email servers and drive storage, and comprehensively understand GDPR and the importance of encryption. On a more physical and practical level, we will always complete due diligence in our appraisal process prior to any background check – to be absolutely certain we’re checking the correct individual or organisation.


Background Checking Service UK & Worldwide

From our base in London. We cover the UK and worldwide from this Location.. 

We’re proud to have built a crucial network of expert private detectives in over 60 countries. This means we can smoothly provide all aspects of background checking services worldwide.


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