Corporate fraud investigation is on the up: How you can take steps to protect your business and its assets.

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Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate fraud Investigation: Is your business doing enough about this growing problem? PDL investigates.

One of the ironies of the information age we live in is that although on the surface we seem to know more about each other than ever before. The tricky part is knowing how much of it we can believe. We also live in a time of unprecedented mobility and the free movement of people across continents and borders. Put the two together, and it’s easy to understand some of the corporate fraud investigation challenges modern businesses and employers face, whether they’re a sole trader, large firm, or international corporation.

The question is not really how much you know about an individual or entity you’re considering doing business with, but how much you need to know before being happy to enter into an agreement as an employer, contractor, or supplier. Perhaps you already have one or two doubts or suspicions about a potential partner, and just want your mind put at rest.

This is when a professional private detective, specialising in corporate fraud investigation, can help.

Background checks into an individual or company is seen as one of the essential risk assessments you carry out before offering someone a job or signing an important contract, especially when the stakes are high. A covert investigation into their affairs can help to ease – or confirm – your individual concerns.

Corporate fraud investigation by Private Detective London

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Corporate Fraud Investigation: Bespoke Solutions

Checking for a record of corporate fraud and criminal investigation, for instance, is a job best left to an experienced corporate private detective; surveillance, or counter-surveillance, are by their nature discreet operations and should only be entrusted to someone who knows what they’re doing. The same is true for DATA forensics, including mobile phone forensics, and vehicle tracking. In short, a corporate private detective offers a bespoke solution for businesses, tailored to get the kind of information they need.

When it comes to a business relationship, commercial agreement, or binding contract, knowing as much about the other party as possible makes a lot of sense, but only if your information is unbiased, up to date and reliable. Attempting to gather this kind of information in-house can be very time-consuming and if placed in inexperienced hands the consequences could be quite serious. A clumsy or indiscreet investigation could scare off a potential partner, but you may also be accused of invading another’s privacy and face possible charges.

Resolving On-going Disputes

Corporate private investigators can also be used to help resolve an existing dispute or legal issue you may have with a client, employee, or business partner, offering cost effective solutions. Disputes come in all shapes and sizes and can be a real drain on resources, as well as impair your ability to conduct your business in the normal way. Running some background checks into the person or entity you’re dealing with, could provide you with information you can leverage to help bring matters to an acceptable conclusion.

Corporate Fraud

Sadly, businesses large and small within the UK and beyond can sometimes face the very real threat of corporate fraud from inside their organisation.

Corporate fraud can come in many forms, the most common being theft of monies or data and overall abuse of a position by an individual employee, or occasionally, a dishonest venture from a group of people – either way, they’re people you should be able to trust with your business.

Corporate fraud requires the utmost in discretion. In order for fraudulent individuals to be prosecuted successfully and any misappropriated assets traced, it’s essential that evidence is gathered and defendants are identified in the most inconspicuous way.

It’s therefore an integral part of any corporate investigation that only those who are experts in the field handle the case on your behalf.

The corporate fraud investigation and detective service supplied by PDL is highly qualified and perfectly placed to offer guidance to or provide full-scale corporate fraud investigation services to protect you, your business and its assets.

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