Professional Surveillance Services using the best Surveillance Techniques

As privately employed detectives we spend much of our time in various forms of surveillance, but that doesn’t mean all PIs are created equal.

See: Covert Surveillance | Counter Surveillance

As a private surveillance company, we build our teams with care, to ensure we have a blend of experience and skills that makes our surveillance department the most paramount surveillance team in the UK.

We have the capacity, skills and dedication to observe, analyse and report behaviour so that you have all the facts to take the next steps.
Private Detective London using Surveillance Techniques in London crowd.

Leaders in Surveillance

Team Of Specialists: Our surveillance personnel is outstanding due to our range of classic and modern surveillance methods, ensuring that we use every technique possible to deliver evidence that resolves problems and solves cases. Find out about us here

Providing Admissible Evidence

Our task is to provide admissible information whether it’s required for personal solutions, corporate decision-making or in a family or criminal court.

Our commitment is to obtain evidence and report in real-time with care for the law at UK, European and International level. Call us on 020 3747 1865.

Professional Surveillance Techniques:

  • Covert sound recording, cameras and CCTV – these all provide excellent remote surveillance data that our trained operatives use to establish case evidence for our clients
  • Vehicle tracking – this process is valuable for corporate clients who benefit from oversight of fleet vehicles and employees on the road
  • Cyber-surveillance – this area of investigation benefits both corporate and private clients who wish to be sure how internet services and computers are being used at home or in the workplace
  • Discreet trailing and matrimonial surveillance – such techniques are used to provide evidence and relieve the minds of those who fear the worst from their partners
  • Background checks – these can be a vital part of the process of committing to a new relationship with a life partner or a business partner

International Surveillance

Whilst our surveillance company is based in London, we work worldwide to ensure that our surveillance clients benefit from our skills wherever they may be, and wherever the surveillance process takes us.

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