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Private Detective London gets involved in many different kinds of case. This week I’m looking at a chase that is exactly the kind of thing we do, and something that wouldn’t be part of our activity for very London specific reasons.

Football, Fraud and Private Detectives

First, the court case being brought against Delroy Facey, a former West Bromwich Albion player, charged with rigging football matches across the globe. The National Crime Agency (NCA) brought the case against Facey after involving a private detective in their investigations. Why would they do that?  Very simple – it was the work of the private detective, and the revelations published by a national paper, that got the NCA involved in the first place.

As the BBC reports, Facey was the middle man for a scheme that  resulted in multi-million pound fraud around the world, leading to match fixing such as scoring own goals, giving away penalties or getting booked and sent off the pitch. Several people have already been found guilty and sent to prison in this large fraud case.

In such evidence gathering stages, a committed private detective is much more likely to be able to obtain the necessary information for a national agency to act upon – because teams like Private Detective London have natural ways of inserting themselves into scenarios and situations that lead to complete acceptance.


drone survellance london

London – A No Drone Zone

On the other hand, the work of Chris Wright, a private detective in California USA, is fascinating but only on a professional level, as one investigator to another. She uses ‘eyes in the sky’ or drones to conduct aeriel surveillance. Now that might work in the USA but the law in the UK is that the operator of a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) must have line of sight of the vehicle. This means 500 metres. So far the London police have not prosecuted any of the tourists (mainly Korean and Japanese for some reason) they have found flying drones above the city, although they do impound the drones which can be quite a loss, as they can cost anything from £600.00 to several thousand pounds.

So for us, interesting as this might be, drone based detection is not going to be part of our armoury for the foreseeable future. Fortunately we have skilled and experienced teams of private detectives who are used to getting up close and personal with unsuspecting subjects!

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Table of Contents