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Statistics from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) reveal around 30,000 complaints annually. Five percent of those complaints related to wrongful arrest.

At Private Detective London we help individuals build their case to prove their innocence and that’s something we take pride in.

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We work with solicitors to present your case in court. Creating your case depends on the work of a dedicated team of criminal investigators committed to finding the evidence that your legal team will rely on.

Obtaining evidence and presenting evidence are two different skills and our dedicated private detectives excel in conducting interviews and examining facts.

Our team is highly experienced in investigating criminal justice cases.

How a Criminal Defence Investigation Can Work For You

Our criminal defence clients tell us that they often feel the system is stacked against them. The prosecutors have an army to call on: the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, witnesses and – especially in civil cases – other agencies, all of which are against you.

In your corner there’s you, your legal representative and any defence witnesses they’ve found. It doesn’t feel like an equal battle.

We’re here to fight for you and your innocence.

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We have helped thousands of clients in the criminal justice system.

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