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Private Investigators in Manchester

PDL’s office in Manchester offers the same highly professional and confidential service that clients have come to expect from their London Office. PDL’s northern services are designed to meet the very same stringent and exacting standards that our southern services provide. Our team undergo the same rigorous training programs and operate within the same parameters as their London counterparts.

Our discreet and professional Mancunian private investigators offer an eclectic range of investigational services that provide our clients with the solutions and results they desire. We are always discreet, lawful, and conduct our investigations with the utmost confidentiality. We seek to provide our clients with peace of mind, assuring them that their private investigations are being conducted legally and within the appropriate ethical standards.

Local private investigators with knowledge of Manchester

Though we work on cases throughout the UK, our Manchester private detective agency focuses mainly on local Mancunian cases. This is because our detectives are largely familiar with Manchester and the surrounding areas, seamlessly harnessing their local knowledge to further their investigations and provide their clients with accurate results.

We serve Manchester itself, as well as many towns and cities in the nearby area such as Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham, Wigan, and Stockport. Our investigation services are available to both individuals and businesses, as we provide a range of investigational services that cater to both personal and corporate needs.

Professional investigative techniques and equipment

Our dedicated team of private investigators uses a wealth of state-of-the-art methods and techniques to document and acquire evidence. They are also highly trained with regards to the latest technological equipment, allowing them to carry out subtle and accurate surveillance within the boundaries of the law. We can provide both male and female detectives, meaning that your investigator can blend into a range of scenarios and remain inconspicuous throughout the investigation process.

Discreet private investigators

No matter what is being investigated, our detectives are trained to maintain a low profile and compile thorough dossiers about the subjects being investigated. Our detectives ensure that they include all relevant details in their reports, notifying clients about any worrying or incriminating practices that they may wish to be aware of.

Manchester Private Investigation Services

Our Manchester office provides a broad range of private investigation services for both individuals and corporate clients. Our services include:

Corporate investigations
Tracing services, such as tracing people’s whereabouts
Fraud investigations
Background checks
Matrimonial investigations
Criminal defence investigations

We understand that you may have reservations about hiring a private investigator, but our dedicated and helpful team are easily able to answer any questions you may have and can put your mind at ease.

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