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A premarital investigation is about more than preventing scams. Prenuptial Investigations Ensure You Are Prepared For Marriage

What is more common, but can be equally devastating, is everyday exaggeration and deception.  An inquiry can help set your mind at ease.

In many instances, couples take out mutual premarital investigations, with their betrothed’s full knowledge and consent. It can give you the confidence you need to walk down the aisle and look forward to a happy future.


What is Investigated?

A prenuptial investigation comprises a series of background checks. We will look into the person’s present and past, confirming address details, marital status, births registered to them, their relatives, criminal activity, property ownership and any bankruptcies or county court judgements in their name.


Detailed Reporting by your Premarital Consultant

If you want to go deeper, we can also look into their employment history, any media coverage they may have featured in, their qualifications, and personal assets. We can also provide surveillance services.


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