Who’s Listening In? Why you might want to consider a bug sweeping service

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Someone listening? Then maybe you need a bug sweeping service

Corporate espionage and bug sweeping services might seem like the stuff that blockbusters are made of, but while the gun-toting heroes and simpering heroines with a backbone of steel are very much the remit of Hollywood, the fact remains that espionage is a very real threat in today’s business culture. And it’s not just business premises which make the prime … Read More

Why should I hire a private investigator and what can they do that I can’t?

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You should know what your private investigator can do

At Private Detective London we often get asked what a private investigator does, and why a professional private detective is a better bet than doing your own investigations. Here are some of the questions we answer regularly for our investigation clients.   How do private detectives find out information I can’t find myself? There are a number of ways this can … Read More

What a Background Search can Reveal

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background checking service

The Indian newspapers like to run the same stories over and over. Back in 2010 The Times of India  commented on how many Indian origin families chose to use private investigator background check facilities to ensure that prospective marriage partners are all they claim to be. Now the New Indian Express is carrying the same story, with the little twist … Read More

The Indiana Jones Element

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If most of our work is specialist but unexciting activities: surveillance for corporate clients who think they are being robbed, embezzled or suffering from commercial or industrial espionage, or seeking out lost relatives, cheating partners or dishonest household staff for private clients, sometimes we get to do something completely out of the ordinary – artefact hunting, for example! Yes, donning … Read More

Private Detectives, Technology and Undercover Work

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drone survellance london

Private Detective London gets involved in many different kinds of case. This week I’m looking at a chase that is exactly the kind of thing we do, and something that wouldn’t be part of our activity for very London specific reasons. Football, Fraud and Private Detectives First, the court case being brought against Delroy Facey, a former West Bromwich Albion … Read More

Private Detectives and Debtor Tracking

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The City of London is known for many things – the Inns of Court, the London Stock Exchange, the Lord Mayor’s Parade. It’s also known as a hub of finance and that’s a large area of investigation for Private Detective London. Whether we’re talking about the massive fraud conducted by financial institutions or chasing down a debtor who has skipped … Read More

Private Detective London – the real world of private investigations

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Two days to solve an eight year mystery Every so often the reports of investigative work that come across my desk make me sit up straight! When I read of a London investigator who’d solved a murder case in 24 hours, I was completely boggled. But it turns out that the case, which includes Putney Road in Brixton and an … Read More

PDL blog

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London aerial image – Surveillance services by Private Detective London

Welcome to the PDL blog. In this space we talk about the wider (and wilder!) world of the private detective, whether that’s Private Detective London or cases from around the globe. We examine new legislation, look at changes in best practice and explore private detection industry facts, figures and breaking stories. Just as we do with our investigations, we maintain a … Read More