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Private Detectives in Manchester

Our Manchester private detectives offer thorough, professional, discreet investigation services in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to both corporate and individual clients, offering great peace of mind and the business or personal solutions they need.

Our Manchester private detectives meet the same supremely high standards as our London private detectives at our head office. We are proud to bring our exemplary detective services to our Manchester HQ, making it our Northern base.

The service provided by our Manchester private detectives is based on these key principles

● Investigations conducted to the highest legal and ethical standards.

● Detailed investigations by expert private detectives.

● Aiming to build cost-effective, long-term, solution-focused relationships with clients

● Private detectives dedicated to finding answers for client peace of mind

● Investigating with the utmost confidentiality at all times.

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For your free email / telephone appraisal, contact us 


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Manchester Private Detective – Services Offered

Our Manchester private detectives provide a vast array of investigative services to both corporate and private clients. Manchester is our base for the North of England and North Wales. We travel from Manchester to meet clients anywhere in these regions.

With over 25 years in the private detective business and a wealth of experience and training in this time, we’re extremely well equipped to cover all investigation services.

Our Manchester private detectives combine traditional and modern approaches to achieve the best possible results in any given investigation. We use all the knowledge from their backgrounds in the police, military, legal, government and more. But we’ve also moved with the times and excel with the newest technologies.

Our services

We provide bespoke, tailored investigative consulting services to both corporate clients and individuals throughout the UK and worldwide.

We deliver unrivalled surveillance services, helping our clients and their businesses achieve and maintain security, certainty, and success.

At Private Detective London we form teams based on your circumstances, to launch immediate counter surveillance activity to restore your security and peace of mind.

Change is key in business, but knowing which changes are threats and which are opportunities is vital to success. We help corporate clients recognise risk and protect themselves from it.


Whether you’re seeking to resolve family issues, or you’re working on behalf of a multinational corporation, we can assist with efficient, discreet international investigations.

Our robust GPS trackers, innovative software, and expert personnel mean we offer asset and vehicle tracking services of the highest quality, integrity and reliability.

We’re often depended upon to conduct matrimonial investigations as part of such issues as access arrangements, child custody, matrimonial due diligence, and pre-nuptial agreements.

We’re extremely proud to hold 100% success rate in tracing cases and we don’t intend to lose it! Our expert personnel and state-of-the-art technologies to provide the highest quality service.

Our accurate, detailed and fact-checked reports can be provided on a national and international basis. Our established background checking experts get you the facts, fast. 

Whether it’s service upon business or evasive service, we’re experienced process servers with the skill, dedication and diligence to get the job done.


Due diligence is a key to our clients’ planning for future success. We recognise that knowing the facts allows people to make better decisions and are here to help

Our dedicated team of criminal investigators are committed to finding the evidence that legal teams rely on, and working together on your defence

Also, our Private Detectives in Manchester provide investigative consultancy services

Throughout our services, clients receive thorough reports from our private detectives, and are immediately informed of any discoveries of anything suspicious or potentially criminal.

Legal, Ethical Investigations

We take great pride in the legality, integrity and honesty of our Manchester private detectives. For us, legality and ethics come first at all times, without exception.

Our Manchester detective services are focused on legality, ethics, quality service, and friendly, co-operative working relationships. Our private detectives never cut corners, are not driven by sales, and never offer a generic approach – only bespoke investigative solutions.

We only hire private detectives who share our commitment to the strongest legal and ethical code, and who meet our high standards of efficiency, skill and detail.

We target quick, decisive results for our clients, with legality, ethics and confidentiality always our primary concerns.

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Our Manchester Detective HQ

Our Manchester office is our base of operations for all of our private detectives in Manchester, the surrounding areas, and all of the North.

We also have private detective teams in London and the south, and Edinburgh and Scotland

Our private detectives can host corporate or individual clients at our Brown Street office, central Manchester, or can travel to visit clients in the surrounding area.




Chancery place

50 Brown Street,

Manchester M2 2JG

Our hours

08:00 AM – 6.00 PM

Monday – Friday

Out of hours Available

Free Appraisal With A Private Investigator

We fully understand that clients can be unsure about hiring a private detective, unsure whether or not they need a private detective’s services, what we can do for them, or the fees

Therefore we offer a free email / telephone appraisal. For your appraisal, get in touch using the contact form on this page, or alternatively contact us directly via the following details:

Free appraisal
For your free email / telephone appraisal, contact us 


Mon-Friday 08:00 - 18:00 hours
Out of hours services available

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