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We commit to giving your a clear and comprehensive outline of our private investigator fees once we fully understand your case and your needs.

Why not call us today at +44 (0)203 7471865, or complete our contact form so that we can provide details of the resources we’ll use, the time we expect to take and the cost of resolving your case.

And remember … the cost of not hiring a private detective can be much higher than you think.

We understand that cost is a consideration for any of our clients.
It can feel like adding insult to injury to be required to pay to deal with distressing situations or to find out whether your worst suspicions are true.

So we encourage our clients to look at things another way.

What is the cost of not knowing the truth?

If you have doubts about your spouse or life partner, how will it help you to turn a blind eye? Will you sleep easier at night or enjoy their company more whilst you’re consumed with suspicion?

When the behaviour of a colleague or employee begins to strike you as dubious, what’s the benefit in letting them continue to get away with it? How will your business benefit from not taking action if there’s fraud or incompetence taking place?

Should people be allowed to get away with not paying their debts because they vanish without a forwarding address? What’s the cost to society when we all have to pay higher insurance premiums to allow for that risk? And what’s to prevent them becoming serial offenders if they aren’t made to face their own behaviour?

Wouldn’t you like to find your long lost cousin? Your best friend from Junior School? The bridesmaid who went off on a Gap Year and somehow feel through the cracks of your address book? What’s the price on reconnecting with those you love?

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