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Reveal the truth with PDL background check service

Private Detective London (PDL) have seen a massive increase in their work in recent years. There are several reasons for this:

The background checking team

  • A globalising world means we don’t know much about the people we spend time with – we may not have anything in common with them or any way of establishing that what they are telling is us true.
  • Fear for our children is increasingly common – from social media friendships to online gaming, to stranger danger, we know that young people are exposed to many forms of risk.
  • Employment certainty – the increase in fake CVS is disturbing and no employer has enough time to sift all the details of job history and employment claims made by employees.
  • Tenancy facts – an effective background check allows landlords to be certain about the credit history of tenants and allows co-tenants to trust their housemates.
  • Nursery and care home checking – we entrust our most vulnerable to others on a daily basis, and increasingly people wish to be certain that their trust is well placed. Recent scandals in the care of the elderly make clear that for peace of mind, a background check can be a great investment.

What is revealed in during background checking?

As well as checking addresses and phone numbers for accuracy a good background checking exercise by PDL will discover:

  • Previous addresses
  • Family background
  • Bankruptcies, county court judgments and undisclosed debt
  • Any criminal history
  • Previous marriages, divorces, and relationships
  • Employment background
  • Academic history.

There are other areas that can be covered, and in helping you define an accurate and detailed result from background checking, we may include such investigations as online history and vehicle checks to produce a comprehensive picture of an individual’s background and former behaviour – both of which are the best predictors of future behaviour.

Why is background checking important?

PDL has helped its clients discover such disturbing facts as:

  • Undisclosed and substantial gambling debts
  • Former and current personal relationships that had been concealed and had financial implications
  • Serial bankruptcies
  • False claims of being awarded degrees and completing courses of study
  • Hidden assets in cases of break up
  • Fake nationalities
  • Covert online dating behaviour whilst already in a relationship
  • Concealed driving offences

Our accurate, detailed and fact-checked reports can be provided on an international basis – unlike other private detectives who simply run database checks – our established experts in background checking create a verification system that works to get you the facts as soon as possible.

We build a bespoke team to undertake swift and comprehensive background checking data with complete professionalism and discretion.

To discuss your requirements, Please call on:+44 (0)203 7471865 or complete an on page secure contact form.

PDL office is in London, Greater London; however, our reach is the whole of the UK and many International locations

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